Keeping cool on the road this summer

Now summer is here, temperatures are on the up and the signs are good for a sunshine-filled few months ahead. However, with the sun comes increased temperatures and the need to take precautions to ensure that any journeys undertaken by taxi or minicab are as comfortable and safe as possible for passengers and drivers alike. If you are planning to taker a taxi on a warm, sunny day, here are some ways to keep cool until you reach your destination. Read more

Handy hints for happy airport travel

As the holiday season approaches, many of us are starting to plan the logistics behind the holiday, namely packing suitcases, buying vital supplies, paying final hotel and travel bills and working out how to get everyone and everything to the airport in one piece. Here is our handy guide to helping make sure that the last item on the list happens without any problems along the way. Read more

Royal Wedding Fever: our guide to joining in on the big day

The whole country is eagerly awaiting the wedding day of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, taking place on Saturday 19 May at St George’s Chapel in Windsor. More than one thousand members of the general public have been invited to enjoy proceedings from a privileged vantage point in the grounds of Windsor Castle, but even if your invitation seems to have been ‘lost in the post’, there is still plenty you can do to indulge in royal wedding fever this May. Read more

Travelling in difficult weather

Recent snowfall across the UK has brought much of the country to a halt, as people have been urged to travel only if absolutely necessary. However, whether you need to attempt an essential journey or can wait until the ice and snow eases up a bit, there are several sensible precautions you can take to keep yourself safe during your journey, however you choose to travel. Read more

On the London chocolate trail

At this time of year, thoughts often turn to chocolate, whether people are enjoying an Easter treat or simply celebrating the arrival of spring. Hopping in a taxi to find places to visit in central London that have a link to the sweet stuff sounds like an ideal way to pass the time over a long weekend or bank holiday monday. Read more

Visiting Victoria

The area of London around Victoria train and coach station has much to offer visitors to the UK’s capital. From lively bars and restaurants to beautiful green spaces, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Read more

The problem with driverless cars

As technology evolves, so we constantly look for ways to improve or simplify our lives. The concept of driverless cars has been around for a while, with several companies working to achieve the first successful fleet Read more

Back to school: how to choose a school-run taxi

Many families rely on a good quality taxi service for their children’s school run to ensure that they are delivered safely and on time. In some cases, the taxi company is chosen by the Local Authority, but for other pupils Read more

Tips for a safe summer of taxi travel

Taking a cab is often the easiest way to travel during the summer, whether you are going to the airport, to work or are planning a day trip with the family. Here are some ways to ensure your journey is event-free, enjoyable and safe Read more

Six seminal films about taxis

It could be said that you can find all aspects of life in a taxi, from the mundane business trip to the mad dash to the maternity ward and even the odd getaway. We’ve all taken a taxi in our time, and have relied on one to get us where we need to be – often at short notice. Read more

Steps of Becoming a London Taxi Driver

Not everyone dreams of sitting behind a desk for the rest of their life. Some people dream of driving, seeing sights, and exploring. There are nearly endless ways to live this type of life. Becoming a London taxi driver is just one possible way to experience a great city and go on small adventures every day. Read more

Keeping children amused on a taxi journey

Often, the hardest part of a taxi journey is keeping the kids happy and amused. Pointing out things of interest out of the window and coming up with games to fuel their imagination will help the miles whizz past./ Here are some ideas for family harmony on the road. Read more

Five reasons to hire a taxi this summer

Summer is on its way, and now is the time to make your plans. However you are intending to spend these next few weeks of (hopefully) sunshine and warm weather, don't forget to factor in how you are going to get to wherever you need to be. Read more

Easter weeekend in London

London is the perfect place to spend the Easter weekend, with lots going on to turn visitors of all ages into very happy bunnies. From family theatre to egg hunts; chocolate to spring flowers, here are a few ideas for a fun Easter weekend. Read more

Come to Kilburn

According to Time Out, Kilburn in north-west London manages to 'keep it real', despite being 'sandwiched between lofty neighbouring Hampstead and Maida Vale.' Part of this is the area's well-known landmarks, lively restaurants and fascinating arts scene. Want to know what not to miss next time you're in Kilburn? Read more

Make the most of your 'airport working time'

International travel can mean a lot of time journeying to airports and then hanging around, waiting for check-ins and flight times. You must schedule enough time in your day to get to the airport early, make the strict check-in deadlines and Read more

Why taxis are top for airport travel

London is the perfect place to spend the Easter weekend, with lots going on to turn visitors of all ages into very happy bunnies. From family theatre to egg hunts; chocolate to spring flowers, here are a few ideas for a fun Easter weekend. Read more



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