Keeping cool on the road this summer

Now summer is here, temperatures are on the up and the signs are good for a sunshine-filled few months ahead. However, with the sun comes increased temperatures and the need to take precautions to ensure that any journeys undertaken by taxi or minicab are as comfortable and safe as possible for passengers and drivers alike. If you are planning to taker a taxi on a warm, sunny day, here are some ways to keep cool until you reach your destination.

Plan ahead

Keep an eye on weather reports for when you are planning to travel and make sure you pack accordingly. If you are headed for the airport, chances are you will have already packed sun cream, sunglasses etc., but these are important Items to take with you even if you are not leaving the country. Try not to carry more things than are necessary to avoid having to lug around heavy weights on hotter days. Choose sensible shoes to wear so that you can walk around in comfort once you leave the taxi or minicab.

Stay hydrated

Always carry a bottle of water with you, as hot temperatures and blazing sunshine can quickly affect the body and cause excess sweating, fatigue, headaches and the risk of sunstroke or dehydration. Take regular sips of water and don’t wait until you feel thirsty, as this is a sign that dehydration is already causing your body some concern.

Cover up

Wear clothes that are appropriate to the weather conditions that have been forecast. This means looser, lighter clothes in warmer weather, but don’t forget to bring a hat and/or a cover up such as a pashmina or scarf with you to ward off sunburn and heatstroke. Use sunglasses to reduce the strain of bright light hitting your eyes and apply plenty of suncream, even if you plan to spend much of your time indoors.

Vulnerable passengers

Older people, pregnant women, babies and children are among groups that feel the effects of the sun more keenly than others. If anyone travelling in your group falls into one of these categories, pay particular attention to them to make sure they are not becoming unwell or distressed by the heat. In a taxi or minicab, avoid seating them by the window and pull down the shades wherever possible to help keep them cool and away from direct sunlight. Ask the driver to help you or to divert to the nearest hospital or clinic if they become unwell in the car.

Take your time

The pace of life can become harder to maintain when temperatures soar, so take more time wherever possible and try not to rush about. Plan to leave earlier than normal to allow for delays and unexpected hold-ups. Sun glare can cause problems on the road, as can extra traffic caused by more people going out in good weather and the arrival of tourists eager to see the sites over the summer. By taking these precautions, you can enjoy travelling about the UK this summer in full confidence.



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